Ramirez Family Foundation

We Believe in

the power of an education

You can change the direction of a country by reaching its young people. The Ramirez Family Foundation invests in leaders, builds schools, and supports education for students in need.

Our Family & Our Work

Foundation Overview

Meet the Founders

Gus & Becky Ramirez

Gus is the “great American success story.” He came to the United States as a young man, and through education and hard work, found modest success. God has blessed Gus and Becky, and given the couple a chance to help others.

Our Philosophy

To change the world, the next generation needs access to education. Gus and Becky are honored to support schools in the United States and around the world, particularly in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Since 2002, the Foundation has reached 120 schools and over 200,000 impoverished students.

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